Made purely in Japan, from start to finish.

Japan’s technological prowess attracts attention from around the world. AndMesh products are planned, designed, manufactured, and packaged entirely in Japan. Everything related to the product is done in Japan. While developing the prototype, all of the craftsmen involved consulted each other constantly to ensure that there were no compromises in quality. They even extended themselves beyond their direct areas of responsibility. The result was an iPhone case born in Japan.
We knew that pursuing top quality wouldn’t mean much if the price tag was too high. We therefore kept the price low enough to make customers want to buy multiple AndMesh iPhone cases in different colors. At the same time, we attained outstanding quality made fully in Japan.

New material fitting the palm of your hand.

Elastomer is used on power tool grips and on shock-resistant watches. While providing a comfortable firmness, elastomer is also highly durable. Even Apple is using fluoroelastomer for the watch band of the Apple Watch SPORT.
Until now, elastomer has been used selectively where the hand grasps and toughness is required. Rather than thinking only about manufacturing ease and efficiency, we thought about how well the case should fit in the palm of your hand, and about the best material for an iPhone case. The answer from our Japanese engineers was this made-in-Japan elastomer.

Optimized materials.

The AndMesh Mesh Case is soft enough to easily attach and remove, and yet tough enough to protect your iPhone well. Its exquisite hardness was developed with an original blend of elastomers made in Japan. Even with prolonged use, the case does not tear or crack. Its shape-memory effect is also high. After you squish it with your hand or put something heavy on it, it will quickly return to its original shape without fail.
Made-in-Japan elastomer, a new material optimized to protect the iPhone. Giving you peace of mind as you carry your iPhone every day.

Vivid color lasting a long time

Instead of painting the case with a color, the color is mixed in the elastomer itself. Therefore, the color does not fade nor peel off. It is also highly resistant to the yellowing that commonly occurs after a long period of use. Since blue is the complementary color to yellow, we secretly add a bit of blue dye to make any yellowing less noticeable. (Clear case only)
For long-term use, “Made in Japan” is what people look for. It represents the passion and feelings of Japanese engineers in making things.