Does it truly protect your iPhone?

Does it not distract from the presence of your iPhone,
which should be the true focus?

It is precisely in the now, overflowing with goods, that we started from zero and once more considered anew what an iPhone case is. The artisans of Japan and their encyclopedic knowledge of every kind of material led us to our answer. That answer was: “AndMesh.”

The Making of AndMesh

What they first set their eyes to was elastomer, a material manufactured in Japan. Not too soft and not too hard,elastomer strikes a balance between the durability of a hard case and the flexibility of a soft only what one would expect from Japanese manufacturing. Taking this material and uniquely compounding it for maximum iPhone case strength, the engineers, knowing no compromise, made countless improvements and went over countless ideas. The result of their efforts was the completion of this case. The simplicity of attachment, the ease of pushing buttons, the comfortable grip, the durable coloring, the ease of carrying, all with this feel on the skin: these are precisely the results brought about through he completion of manufacture in Japan. From the consolidation of the natural resolution of engineers who’ve mastered the act of creation comes the birth of a new iPhone case, wholly of Japan.