Mesh Case for iPhoneSE

Designed from scratch for iPhone SE.




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Have you experienced the “AndMesh grip” yet?

The iPhone case material “Japanese elastomer”, created with the cooperation of plastic manufacturers, is a unique AndMesh material. It’s not too hard like polycarbonate, not too soft like silicone, and doesn’t get sticky. It gently wraps around the iPhone SE you use every day and remarkably improves your grip.

Just the right touch for buttons

Based on ergonomics, Apple products are made with just 4 buttons for the ultimate simplicity. With the volume buttons especially, people can distinguish which one is up and which is down as soon as they hold the device, even without checking them visually. AndMesh is designed to avoid bumps that obstruct the original buttons and improve operability.

Designed comfort itself

AndMesh’s unique feel is the result of the softness of the material, the bumpy texture of gradation mesh, and gentle curves that round out each case. People’s hands are sensitive and pick up on these characteristics right away, so they are sure to experience the superior feel of Japanese elastomer.

Protect your iPhone SE with toughness

AndMesh has passed strict “drop tests”. We have carried out the same reliability assessments as Japanese home appliance manufacturers and achieved a level of durability based on official Apple regulations.

*Because we chose to prioritize design, our construction does not quite conform to the R11 regulation on speaker area and camera opening size published by Apple in 2016.

The gradation mesh doesn’t block the Apple logo

Using gradation mesh, we’ve created an exquisitely balanced design transparent enough that the Apple logo can be seen from a distance. We have striven for the ultimate grip and protection with this case, letting the iPhone SE itself play the main role. The case doesn’t assert itself over the original product, but nonchalantly offers additional value. That’s the

Striving for the best: 100% made in Japan

AndMesh products are 100% made in Japan . Not only the materials, processing, and packaging, but even our molds are Japan made. Using advanced Japanese engineering and manufacturing technology, we design our molds beautifully. Although they may cost 5-10 times more compared to Chinese molds, AndMesh will continue to produce higher quality “100% made in Japan” cases


  • RED
  • GRAY
Product name
Mesh Case for iPhone SE
Compatible devices
iPhone SE
Japanese elastomer
3 colors (Red / Black / Gray)
Body: Approx. W66.1mm / H130.6mm / D10.7mm
Package: W89mm / H135mm / D13mm
Country of origin
Retail price
USD 29.99 (excluding tax)
  • *”iPhone” is a trademark of Apple Inc.
  • *The product image was created with CG, and may differ from the actual product.

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